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What is a Macular Hole?

A macular hole is a condition where a very small hole has developed in the portion of the retina responsible for our cental vision, the macula. The macula is made up of nerve cells that provide us with our sharpest most detailed central vision.  . When a macular hole develops, you will suffer from symptoms such as a dark area right in the center of your vision, distortion, or general blurring.

Why do I have a Macular Hole?

It is unclear why some people develop macular holes. We do know however that it typically occurs in patients after the age of 60. We also know it occurs more frequently in women. The development of a macular hole is unrelated to another commonly known condition, macular degeneration. 


Assessment for a Macular Hole

A macular hole is typically seen during a dilated eye exam. It can be further visualized with a special scan of the macula called Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). If you are diagnosed with a macular hole your doctor will likely recommend a surgical procedure called a vitrectomy and membrane peel to try and close the macular hole and hopefully prevent further vision loss. Unfortunately there are no eye drops or medications that you can take to repair the macular hole. 

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